Staff Highlight – Lorrie

Lorrie: The Woman Behind The Voice

One of the most common compliments we receive at Prosper Family Dentistry is on the friendliness of our staff. That friendliness begins with the first voice you hear when you call our office, and the voice most often belongs to Lorrie Atkinson. On the phone, you can actually hear the smile on her face.Lorrie joined our team in April of 2009 and has been in the dental field for over 26 years. Her position on our team is Doctor Treatment Coordinator, and she is in charge of scheduling patients with Dr. Jill and Dr. Lara for their dental treatment. She is trained as a registered dental assistant and often has to put on gloves and help out in the clinical area as well. Because Lorrie is cross-trained, she is valuable in many areas of our practice. Lorrie is also a licensed masseuse and works at a local chiropractor’s office 2 days a week. She has often taken time out of her busy daily work to help our dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants relieve neck, shoulder and back pain in the middle of a workday.

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