LOVE Your Smile Teeth Whitening Special! Part 2

In February, we celebrate Valentine’s Day, a holiday dedicated showing love.  This year, show a little love to your smile.  At Prosper Family Dentistry, we are offering a month-long promotion of two different types of professional teeth whitening.  Last week, we described professional take-home teeth whitening in custom-made carrier trays.  This week, we will focus on our on-the-go whitening kits.

What are On-the-Go Teeth Whitening Kits?

We are proud to offer another teeth whitening option from the high quality products of Ultradent: Opalescence Go take-home teeth whitening kits.  These ready-for-purchase kits contain Ultradent’s trademark teeth whitening in an easily applied carrier tray.  The kits contain a ten day supply of pre-loaded trays that you can begin using immediately after purchase.

We call this “on-the-go” teeth whitening because no dental visit is necessary.  Ultradent’s unique design uses a plastic one-size-fits-all tray to carry a softer, moldable material onto the teeth.  Once applied to the teeth, you can gently conform the pre-loaded material to the teeth in order to keep the embedded whitening gel on the enamel.

Opalescence Go whitening kits come in two different strengths of the active whitening ingredient.  This allows us to customize your whitening treatment for any teeth sensitivity.  The kits are available in both four- and ten-day supplies.  Our current promotion covers the ten-day supply.  Most people purchase the four-day supply as whitening maintenance at a later time.

How are On-the-Go Teeth Whitening Kits Different from Over-the-Counter Whitening Products?

Because Opalescence Go is a professional whitening product (meaning you must purchase it through your dentist), it has a higher concentration of the active whitening ingredient than most over-the-counter products.  This means it will work fast!

Go gel also contains potassium nitrate, a powerful anti-sensitivity ingredient, and fluoride, which strengthens your enamel.  These additional ingredients make Opalescence Go safer for your teeth than over-the-counter products that contain peroxide chemicals alone.

Opalescence Go has a superior method of application to most over-the-counter products.  Its moldable, flexible material allows you to adapt it closely to your teeth.  It is similar to a whitestrip in this, and provides more coverage of the teeth than whitestrips do.

What are the Advantages of On-the-Go Teeth Whitening Kits?

Opalescence Go teeth whitening kits have the advantage of allowing you to begin your whitening immediately.  Unlike professional take-home whitening, which requires two dental visits for fabrication and delivery of the custom tray, Go kits do not require any scheduled appointments with your dentist.

You are able to achieve three to four shades of noticeable whitening of your teeth with an inexpensive and easy-to-use ten-day supply of trays.  With this month’s special promotion, you can whiten your teeth for as little as $60 (with $20 off the normal $80 fee).

Go whitening kits are wonderful for people who are currently undergoing dental treatment and not at a point of stability to proceed with the custom made trays.  They also provide a good solution for kids, whose teeth may still be moving and shifting.

They also make a great gift! You can purchase them and wrap them up for a special gift-giving moment. (Hint, hint: Valentine’s Day!)

How Can I Get Started?

To take advantage of our February LOVE Your Smile promotion and receive $20 off your On-the-Go Teeth Whitening Kits (normally $80), call 972-347-1145 to purchase one (or more!) during the month of February.  No appointment is necessary for Go! teeth whitening.  You can stop by and pick up your kits during our normal business hours.

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