How to Spot a Great Conservative Dentist

At Prosper Family Dentistry, we call ourselves conservative dentists.  We aim to give you the dental care you need to have a completely healthy mouth for the rest of your life.  To us, being conservative incorporates many different things, including treating each patient the way we would treat our own family members.


FluorideAn essential part of conservative dentistry is preventing dental diseases and problems.  Our goal in preventive dentistry is to help you protect and preserve your natural tooth structures.  The simplest thing you can do to be preventive is commit to consistent professional teeth cleanings and dental evaluations.

During a professional teeth cleaning, our dental hygienists remove all disease-causing bacteria from your teeth.  They also add healthy, enamel-strengthening minerals to the teeth.  As they are cleaning, they are also looking for warning signs of dental disease.  Our awesome hygienists (Staci, Kenneth, Rachel and Micca) work together with our comprehensive dentists (Dr. Jill, Dr. Cara and Dr. Summer) to give you all the options for preventing any dental diseases for which you are personally at risk.

Conservation of Healthy Tooth Structure

We have a great respect for natural tooth structure.  We are grateful for a wide range of dental materials that we can use to replace unhealthy tooth structure when necessary.  But we recognize that there is nothing better than the real thing.  We strive to conserve your healthy tooth structure whenever possible.  This means that we will not recommend a crown when a perfectly matched, tooth-colored filling will do the job.

It means that we offer multiple conservative options for smile enhancements with cosmetic dentistry instead of just traditional porcelain veneers.  And it usually means that the options we provide are more affordable.  Conservative dentistry saves you both time in the dental chair and money.

Early Detection

X08913_2At Prosper Family Dentistry, we use the latest technology in our diagnostic process.  Our CariVu helps us detect cavities and cracks in teeth before they are visible during a clinical evaluation.  Our three-dimensional imaging (CBCT) shows a high-definition, accurate picture of the jawbone surrounding every tooth.

As with most diseases, early detection is instrumental in long-term recovery and success of treatments.  The same is certainly true for dentistry.  By catching cavities, cracked teeth, and gum disease in the earliest stages, we can provide treatment options that are less extensive and less expensive.  The only requirement from you, the patient, to help us in our early detection is remaining committed to consistent dental visits.  When we see you regularly, we catch dental problems early.

Patient Education

One of the compliments we hear from our newer patients is their surprise at how much time we spend in communication with them.  This is because we firmly believe in relationship-based education of each individual patient who enters our doors.  We care about you as a person and spend time getting to know you.  We also want to give you every tool possible for achieving great oral health, so we spend time educating you about your unique dental risks and current problems.

Our method of dental care is based on a risk management approach.  This stems from the fact that not everyone is at risk for the same dental problems.  Some people have very healthy teeth with a low risk for cavities, but their heavy clenching or grinding habits put them at a high risk for tooth fractures and wear over time.  Others have a high risk for cavities with perfectly healthy gum tissues.  You are unique.  We will not waste your time talking to you about how to prevent cavities when you’ve never had one.

Your treatment, including the education we provide and the preventive options we give you, are tailor-made for YOU!

More Questions about Our Conservative Approach?

Call Prosper Family Dentistry at 972-347-1145 to schedule a consultation with one of our excellent, conservative dentists.  We can help you get on the path to the completely healthy mouth!

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