Why Now is the Perfect Time to Straighten Your Teeth with Clear Correct

We’re working from home, eating at home, celebrating events from home.  You might as well spend that time at home by straightening your teeth with Clear Correct.  In addition to having fewer social engagements than ever before, it is always better to do orthodontic treatment sooner rather than later.  Here’s why!

Clear Correct during Quarantine

banner-v4-printWhen you straighten your teeth with clear aligners, there are several mistakes you should avoid.  Being in quarantine at home makes it easier than ever to avoid these mistakes because it eliminates the reasons most people fall into them.

In most social situations, patients undergoing clear aligner treatment prefer to remove the aligners.  This is one of the perks of straightening your teeth with removable aligners.  The problem is that because you can take them out, you could forget to put them back into place.

This can be especially troublesome at restaurants where patients often forget their aligners wrapped in a napkin on the table!  Because we are eating out less and going to fewer social events, the chances of this happening are much lower during the time of coronavirus.

People with aligners may also be more likely to wear them during business hours now that we are all operating behind the distance of our Zoom screens.

Clear Correct Sooner is Better than Later

As we age, the teeth become more difficult to move.  It is not impossible, just more difficult.  Orthodontic treatment in older adults can take longer to achieve even minor tooth movements due to slower cell turnover.  Moving the teeth within the jawbone involves breaking down and rebuilding those surrounding bone cells.  As we age, our cells do not regenerate as quickly.

straighten-teeth-mediumIn addition to slower movement, delaying orthodontic treatment allows the teeth to continue moving.  This means that issues like crowding could become worse.  The more crowded the teeth are, the longer your aligner therapy will take.  Intervening sooner always leads to faster, more effective treatments. 

The final reason sooner is better than later is simple: the sooner you start straightening your teeth, the sooner you have straight teeth.  If clear aligners has been on your wish list for some time, consider the benefits of acting now.  The outcome of aligner therapy is a straight, beautiful smile.  The sooner you achieve that smile, the longer you will get to enjoy it.

More Questions about Clear Correct?

Call 972-347-1145 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jill and Dr. Cara to discuss your orthodontic options.  We can answer any questions you have about Clear Correct treatment or your specific orthodontic issues.

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