Changes You’ll Notice at Post-Quarantine PFD

Life is different in so many ways, and as we slowly return to business, we know that it will not be “business as usual”.  Especially in the dental field, our return to business involves some important changes for both the safety of our patients and the safety of our team members.  If you have an upcoming dental appointment with us, please read this carefully so you know what to expect.

Pre-Screenings over the Phone

When we call to confirm your scheduled visit with us, we will ask you a series of pre-screening questions.  The purpose of these questions is to determine whether there is any risk of COVID-19 infection and/or transmission in our office.  These include questions regarding travel and your current state of health.

It is also important for you to let us know of any changes in your medical history.  If there is a condition that puts you at a higher risk for complications with coronavirus infection, it may be best to reschedule your dental visit to a later time.  The people who fall into this category are those advised by state and health officials to continue staying home even after most people return to some contact with the public.

“Call-Ahead Seating”

We have a large STOP sign on the front entrance to our office.  We are requesting that each patient remain in their vehicles and call ahead to let us know you have arrived.  We will escort you inside when the lobby is clear of other patients so that we can maintain proper social distancing of six feet.

Again, please do NOT enter our building without calling ahead.  Even if you just need to use the restroom, call to let us know so that we can ensure that you have no contact with other patients.

Separate Lobby Screenings

shutterstock_354069734We know that things change rapidly, so we will repeat some screening questions at a screening station in the lobby prior to your dental visit.  Please understand that it may be impossible to proceed with your treatment if certain risk factors are found during this screening.

You will also note that the lobby appears different.  We have removed anything that is difficult to disinfect and could be touched by multiple people.  This means there are no toys, no magazines, no snacks, etc….  In the lobby, we will also give each patient hand sanitizer as they enter the office.

No Companions for Dental Visits

We know that many people bring a spouse or children with them for dental visits.  Because we officially have no lobby or waiting area, this is impossible at this time.  Anyone who accompanies you will need to remain in the vehicle during your visit.

Staggered Doctor Schedules

One of the rules adopted by the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners for the protection of both patients and staff is the requirement that a dentist not enter and exist patient rooms or move back and forth between patients.  This means that your doctor will come in to see you once and remain in the room until your treatment is completed.  In addition to a little more QT with your favorite dentist, this means that each dentist will stagger the days she sees patients for dental treatments with the days she sees patients for their professional teeth cleanings.

Don’t worry, we will make sure to inform you on the phone with which dentist you are scheduled and allow you to reschedule if you have a specific preference.

Increased PPE Standards

As required by law, we are using N95 or higher level masks during all treatment.  We are also covering these with our traditional dental masks to allow us to preserve the N95 masks for long-term use.  This is an effort to not add to the burden on our medical colleagues and allow them to continue purchasing and using the majority of PPE.

Bear with us as these new masks are much different from those to which we are accustomed.

Your Favorite PFD Folks in Street Clothes

In compliance with the new rules for dental practice, we will all be arriving and leaving the office in street clothes so that all PPE remains in the building.  We have washer and dryer machines in the office where we will launder the scrubs and jackets in house.  This means that you will not see any PFD team members in our scrub uniforms outside of the office.  We know . . . that makes us hard to recognize sometimes.

More Questions about Post-COVID Dental Treatment?

Every PFD team member is educated and equipped to answer any question you have about our new method of operations.  Please call 972-347-1145 to ask any questions or to schedule your next visit!


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