How PFD is Still Taking Care of Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In such an unprecedented time, with information that changes on an almost hourly basis, every decision is difficult.  At Prosper Family Dentistry, one decision has not been difficult at all, and that is the decision to be available for our patients and continue caring for them.  The difficult part has been learning just how to do that.

We know that there are people on both sides of this issue: some feel that everyone should be quarantined safely at home, and others feel that we should continue to operate as usual with some minor added precautions.  Here we will explain the why and the how of our current procedures.

Reasons to Discontinue “Normal” Dentistry

For those of you wondering why we have changed from our normal operating procedures, we have two important reasons.

  • We are complying with the government and regulatory agencies’ protocols set forth in response to the pandemic. All elective dental procedures must be postponed until it is deemed safe.  We are following Governor Abbott’s executive order that we MUST remain closed for routine care until April 22.
  • We are doing our part to “stop the spread”. We value our patients and team members’ health and are working to protect everyone under our care.

Reasons to Provide Urgent Dental Care

There are also two very important reasons that we must remain available to provide certain dental procedures and not close our practice completely.

  • We are dedicated to quality care where the patient comes first. We recognize that people will continue to have dental concerns during this time of social distancing and stay-at-home orders.  When our patients experience an unexpected injury, toothache, or other urgent dental problem that could worsen considerably during the time we are required to be closed, we will make sure they receive the care they need.
  • We have a responsibility to care for dental problems so the people experiencing them do not clog up medical facilities. When dentists are completely unavailable, people with toothaches or infections often go to urgent care or emergency rooms.  In this time of crisis, it is our duty to keep people with dental problems out of medical facilities so that they can spend their time and resources on medical problems.

How We are Caring for Patients

So how are we caring for people with urgent dental problems during stay-at-home orders?  First of all, both Dr. Jill and Dr. Cara are available to see patients when treatment is deemed necessary under the current regulations.  We determine that necessity through a phone consultation.

Steps to Follow if You Have a Dental Problem:

  1. Call the office at 972-347-1145. Follow the instructions given to you by a team member or those left on the voicemail.
  2. oral cancer self screeningTry to get a good, clear photo of the area of concern. You may need to have someone help you take the photo using a flash while you hold your cheek out of the way.
  3. Jill and Dr. Cara will speak with you about your situation and ask multiple questions. If the situation does require urgent dental care, they will make arrangements for you to come to the office for treatment.

The current infection control procedures that are already in place at Prosper Family Dentistry are sufficient to prevent the spread of any contagious disease.  In our commitment to ensure the safety of our patients and team members, as we provide urgent care to those who require it, we see one patient at a time in the office.  This preserves the mandates of social distancing and allows team members to thoroughly clean and disinfect the office between patients.

Have an Urgent Dental Problem?

Call 972-347-1145 now to discuss your concern with Dr. Jill and Dr. Cara.  We will walk you through any steps for managing things at home or arrange for you to visit us at the office if you require treatment.

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