Living Magazine’s “Best of . . .” Awards

There are just a few days left for voting in Living Magazine’s “Best of . . .” Awards. Living Magazine is a publication that focuses on a smaller geographical area of the metroplex, allowing you to get to know your neighbors, the businesses in your neighborhood, and the community surrounding you.  If you have lived in Prosper for very long, you’ve seen the exponential growth that our town has undergone.

At Prosper Family Dentistry, we’ve seen it all.  Dr. Jill opened the practice in its current location in August of 2004 and became the first dentist in Prosper, Texas.

As the town and the communities surrounding it have exploded in growth, so have your options for dental care.  Rather than being chosen by default, we are now chosen because our patients tell their friends and families about the wonderful experiences they have at Prosper Family Dentistry.

Now the Living Magazine’s “Best of . . .” Awards are your chance to tell strangers.

Last year, we won every award for which our practice was eligible: Best Family Dentist, Best Cosmetic Dentist, and Best TMJ Dentist.

Best Family Dentistdoctors2-sq

Don’t misunderstand this to mean “pediatric dentist”.  We are a family dentistry practice and always have been.  We love seeing the entire family because our care for patients is based on relationships.  Those relationships are second only to our commitment to the excellent quality of our work.  There have been times in our sixteen years in Prosper that we have seen four generations of a single family, and we couldn’t be prouder of that fact.

We have a small playroom in the lobby area for children, and our entire team enjoys treating children.  We have also treated patients over 100 years old who proudly care for their own teeth.  We love seeing your entire family.

Best Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Jill and Dr. Cara undergo far more continuing training than the average dentist, and one of the areas they focus their efforts toward is cosmetic dentistry.  And not just cosmetic dentistry, but rather conservative cosmetic dentistry.  This differs from many cosmetic dentists who simply grind down all the visible teeth for thick porcelain veneers.

We take pride in the conservative treatment options we offer patients to improve their smiles.

See these previous blogs for information about how we create custom smiles instead of cookie cutter ones.

Best TMJ Dentist

The TMJ is the most complex joint in the human body.  It is a ball-in-socket joint in which the ball comes out of the socket during normal function.  Because of its unique function, it commonly suffers dysfunction, making TMD (TemporoMandibular Dysfunction or Disorder) a very common problem.  Dr. Cara focused her research during a master’s degree program on the TMJ, and Dr. Jill became part of a study club devoted to this complicated joint.  Before they ever met each other, they both had a desire to learn more about the TMJ than the average dentist.

Their extensive educations and training in the realm of the TMJ give them expert insight into potential problems with the joint and knowledge of symptoms of TMD that may manifest outside of the joint itself.  They also understand that, due to the complexity of this joint and the wide range of problems people can suffer, there is no one cure-all for TMD.  Our diagnostic process is different, and our treatment options are different.  That’s what makes us the Best TMJ Dentist in the Three-eighty North region.

voteVoting Ends March 1!

If you have already voted, THANK YOU!  If not, click this quick link to visit the website for voting.  And if you’d like to schedule a visit with the Best Family Dentist, Best Cosmetic Dentist and Best TMJ Dentist in the area, call 972-347-1145 today!

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