Getting Married This Summer?  Make Sure Your Smile is Picture Perfect!

You will probably never have more photos taken of you than during the time leading up to your wedding!  There are engagement shoots, bridal portraits and, of course, the wedding.  Is your smile ready for all of these snap-worthy moments?

Easy Quick Fixes

If you do not have lots of time to make changes in your smile, here are some easy quick fixes you can try.

  1. Schedule a professional teeth cleaning with your dental hygienist.

Patient having teeth cleanedProfessional teeth cleanings remove ugly yellow tartar buildup and polish away surface staining from coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco.  In less than an hour, your hygienist  gives your smile a quick boost.

  1. Make sure to brush and floss immediately before any photos.

Do not let that pepper from your breakfast burrito make an appearance in your photos.  Thoroughly brush and floss before you head out the door.

  1. Play a quick game of Watch Ya Mouth!

Just kidding . . . kind of!  We know you do not have time for games, but wearing those crazy cheek retractors for about thirty minutes slightly dehydrates your teeth.  This dehydration makes them look whiter, if only temporarily.

  1. Try a darker shade of lipstick.girl-2198018_1280

Creating a contrast between your lips and your teeth makes the teeth appear whiter.  Toss your neutrals and pale pinks.  Go for a deep red or wine color to make your teeth stand out!

  1. Two words: Snapchat filters

Did you know that every Snapchat face filter automatically whitens your teeth?  In the photo, that is . . .

Professional Teeth Whitening

If you have a little more time to plan ahead for a beautiful smile, consider professional teeth whitening.  Then you can wear whatever color of lipstick you want.  😉

At Prosper Family Dentistry, we offer three different types of professional teeth whitening, all of which will give you great results. whitening options

  1. Opalescence GO!

These one-size-fits-all trays are great for on-the-go whitening needs.  No dental appointment is necessary, and you don’t need gooey impressions of your teeth.  A ten-pack of these professional whitening trays will give you three to four shades lighter in just ten days.  Simply drop by our office to pick one up and begin whitening today!

  1. Custom Tray Whitening with Opalescence PF Whitening Gel

The gold standard in whitening, custom trays allow you to whiten at your own pace for as long as you choose.  We offer multiple concentrations of the gel to meet a variety of needs.  You can wear the gel in your trays overnight or as little as 20 minutes.  This is the best option for those with sensitive teeth or multiple dental restorations on front teeth.  This does require a visit, so give us a call if you are interested in more information about whitening your teeth with custom whitening trays.

  1. In-Office Teeth Whitening with BOOST!

In a hurry?  In-office teeth whitening gives you whiter teeth in just one hour.  A high concentration whitening gel is applied to the teeth and monitored closely by our doctors and hygienists.  This option gives you an instant boost and does not prevent you from doing further whitening at home.

Total Smile Makeover

Not getting married until the fall or later?  If you are interested in completely remaking your smile, call today to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Jill and Dr. Cara.  We offer multiple treatment options in the realm of cosmetic dentistry to meet your specific needs.  For more info on this, see our blog series on “Creating Custom Smiles”.

Your Smile Matters, Too!

We do not mean to address this information to the brides only.  The groom will be showing off his smile just as often.  The wedding parties and mothers of the brides and grooms will have their fair share of photos.  Weddings are a great motivation for brightening up your smile!  Call us today at 972-347-1145 to see how we can help you love your smile!

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