How Do You Find a Great Dentist?

doctors2-sqProsper and the surrounding communities are growing at an unprecedented rate!  With all this growth comes a wider selection.  You have more restaurants to choose from and more than one grocery store to shop.  (Those of you who have been here since 2004 remember when there wasn’t even one!)

This growth also brings you a selection of dentists from which you can choose.  (Those of you who have been here since 2004 may remember when our office was the only one!)

So how do you choose a great dentist for you and your family?  This blog will give you a few tips.

Ask Your Friends and Neighbors

Nothing beats a personal recommendation.  When asking others about a dentist, it helps to be specific.  Here are some great questions to ask:

  • How long have you been seeing this dentist?
  • Do they see your entire family?
  • How was your professional teeth cleaning with the hygienist?
  • Do you see the same faces each time you go?
  • How did they treat your children?
  • Does the dentist spend a good amount of time listening to you and answering your questions, or do they rush in and out?
  • Have you had dental work with this dentist (more than just teeth cleanings)? How was that experience?
  • Did they look at more than just your teeth?
  • Have you ever had a dental emergency? How did they handle it?

The answers to these questions will give you a much more detailed picture of the office your friend is recommending.

Look for a Commitment to Education

Most dental practice websites have a page where you can learn about the dentists who practice there.  As you read through their bios, look for something that shows a commitment to lifelong learning.  The state board has requirements for the amount of continuing education required for a dentist to maintain a license.  However, these requirements are very low.

You should choose a dentist who goes above and beyond those low requirements by taking more than the minimum number of hours required by the state board each year.  Continuing education keeps dentists up to date on the latest advances in dental technology, materials, and procedures.

An involvement in organized dentistry is typically related to this commitment to advanced learning.  Look for memberships in various dental associations that promote continuing education like study clubs and the Academy of General Dentistry.

Look for a Commitment to the Latest Technology

Slide1There are a lot of really cool advances in dental technology.  They require a significant investment by the dental practice, and a practice that invests in things like digital intraoral scanning, 3D imaging, and no-radiation cavity detection shows a commitment to advanced technology.

A commitment to advanced technology is actually a commitment to YOU: the patient.  All these advances in technology are aimed at making dentistry safer, more efficient and more comfortable.

Read Online Reviews

Dr cara review 04052019In the age of the internet, you can learn a lot about a dental practice by reading their reviews online.  Sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Angie’s List allow people to rate and review dental offices.  In these reviews, you can learn about the experiences other people have had with these offices.

The Easiest Way to Find a Great Dentist

Call Prosper Family Dentistry at 972-347-1145 and make an appointment with our two great dentists, Dr. Jill and Dr. Cara.  They are both thorough, compassionate, and committed to lifelong learning!

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