How this Dental Office is Different

We, at Prosper Family Dentistry, are thrilled to be a multiple-time winner of the living magazine’s “Best Of” series of awards.  We have won Best Cosmetic Dentist and Best Family Dentist for several years in a row.  We also added Best TMJ Dentist to our list of awards.

In light of that, we are using this blog to explain how we are different, and why that makes us the best.

Risk Management Approach

Risk ManagementAt each dental evaluation that you have with Dr. Jill and Dr. Cara, we assess and discuss your particular risk areas with you.  Did you know that some people naturally have a very low risk for cavities?  Others stay at a consistently high risk, despite good oral hygiene and diet choices.  By knowing your unique risk levels for things like cavities, gum disease, teeth grinding, or airway problems, you are able to take action to prevent future problems.

Our goal is educating each patient on his or her specific risk areas.  Then, we make preventive recommendations based on where your risk lies.  By following this risk management approach, patients are able to reduce their overall time spent in the dental chair.

Conservative and Preventive

At Prosper Family Dentistry, we are proud to perform conservative dentistry.  We believe that nothing is better than your God-given enamel, and we make every effort to maintain it whenever possible.  In many instances, we can preserve natural tooth structure by restoring a broken down tooth with a bonded filling rather than covering it completely with a crown.

We offer conservative cosmetic options like Clear Correct teeth straightening, at-home teeth whitening, and contact-lens thin veneers so that you can improve your smile while preserving as much of your natural teeth as possible.

With our unique risk management approach, we are able to provide preventive dentistry options that help you manage and even reduce your risk for dental problems.

Besides placing sealants on high-risk teeth, we also prescribe various oral care products, which will up your oral hygiene game at home.  The oral hygiene education you receive from our fabulous dental hygienists, Staci, Kenneth, and Carli, helps you to be preventive at home.

Advanced Dental Technology

18359285_1526900464011373_1868767279732043164_oOur dental practice is equipped with the latest dental technology, which enables us to care for you more safely, effectively and efficiently.

We use dental lasers to perform conservative gum treatments and surgeries.

We take the highest quality three-dimensional images of the entire head and neck.  This gives us an up close and personal view of the TMJ (jaw joints), all of the jawbone surround each tooth, and many soft tissue structures, including your airway.  With 3D imaging, we are able to see factors outside of the mouth that contribute to problems with the teeth and jaws.

One of our favorite new technologies is three-dimensional intraoral scanning!  This technology allows us to obtain an identical model of your teeth without gooey, gag-inducing dental impressions.  Now we can create a replica of your teeth with a small wand that takes thousands of tiny pictures and stitches them together into a 3D model.

We also offer a diagnostic tool that detects cavities without any radiation at all, called the CariVu!  We are committed to using the best technology to provide our patients with the best care.

Superior Dental Materials

Dentists have a wide selection when it comes to dental materials.  They have the choice to use cheap materials of inferior quality when performing restorative dentistry for their patients.  The majority of patients would never know.

At Prosper Family Dentistry, we use only materials that are of the highest quality and have been proven in scientific research to perform better than other, cheaper materials.

The dental work that is fabricated in dental labs (like crowns and veneers) falls into this category.  We use only dental labs that are located in the United States with Dental Lab Technicians who are certified by the National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology.

Commitment to Lifelong Learning

52905326_2310947492273329_8914847759840837632_oDr. Jill and Dr. Cara are lifelong learners.  They understand that all industries grow and evolve with new developments over time.  In order to provide all of the patients at Prosper Family Dentistry with the utmost in dental care, they consistently complete more than 5 times the amount of continuing education required by the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners.

They have each completed advanced training in the areas of cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics with clear aligners, implant dentistry, and TMJ disorders.  The time and money they invest on these advanced courses is well spent because it always improves the level of care they provide to patients.


Our relationships with our patients are built on trust, and that takes time.  Our long-term patients can attest to the fact that we genuinely care for each person we treat.  We go above and beyond the personal greeting.

Our hygienists have been known to jump out of their chair to hug a patient walking down the hallway.  We have attended grand openings and funerals.  We have cried with patients, and they have cried with us.  We want every patient to know that they are considered part of the PFD family.

Curious about Prosper Family Dentistry?

If you are not a patient of ours, we would love to meet you and convince you that you should become one!  Call us at 972-347-1145 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jill or Dr. Cara.

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