BOOST! In-Office Teeth Whitening Special

We are excited to announce that we are offering a teeth whitening special, which allows you to get or gift in-office teeth whitening for an amazing price!

What is BOOST!?Smile2

BOOST! is our remarkable in-office teeth whitening system that will give you the fastest whitening results possible.  BOOST! is a product of Ultradent Products, Inc., which is one of the most respected names in dental supplies!  This company, known for its wonderful whitening material, operates on the latest technology and the most relevant scientific research in order to create the highest quality products.

BOOST! uses a high strength hydrogen peroxide gel to whiten the teeth in about an hour or less.  Most patients notice at least three to four shades improvement in a BOOST! session.

What does a BOOST! Appointment Involve?

BOOST! in-office teeth whitening can be performed by both dentists and dental hygienists.  So you may be scheduled in our office with Dr. Jill, Dr. Cara, Staci, Kenneth or Carli.

The first step is taking a pre-whitening tooth shade.  We want to know exactly what color your teeth are before teeth whitening.  This helps us quantify the result!

BOOST 2Next, your dental professional will isolate the teeth so that the whitening gel ONLY touches hard tooth structure.  One of the important aspects of the in-office whitening gel is its high concentration.  It is actually strong to sting or burn any soft tissue, like lips, cheeks, gums, tongue, etc . . .  For this reason, we use cheek retractors (similar to those used in the “Watch Ya Mouth” game) to keep this soft tissue out of the way.  We also place a protective barrier over the gums.

Once we are sure the gel will only touch tooth enamel, we place the high strength whitening gel onto the teeth.  This gel is bright red in color so we can see exactly where it goes.  Once in place, the gel just sits for 20 minutes.  In our office, you can listen to music or watch a show while you wait.

The gel is removed after 20 minutes and the teeth are closely evaluated.  You can have up to three applications of the gel to reach your maximum whitening effect.

Your dentist or hygienist closely monitors you for any sensitivity or tenderness throughout the process.

Once the whitening is complete, we remove the gum barrier and take our post-whitening tooth shade.

How can I Gift BOOST!?

If you would like to give BOOST! in-office teeth whitening as a gift to a friend or family, it is as easy as picking up the phone!

Call us today to purchase a BOOST! in-office teeth whitening gift certificate for anyone.  We are happy to mail the gift certificate to them or let you come by to pick it up.  We can also call the person to schedule their appointment if you would like to remain anonymous.  There are options galore!

Teeth whitening makes a wonderful gift at any time of the year.  Take it from us: We have never heard anyone turn down teeth whitening!  Many people are interested in whitening their teeth but do not proceed due to cost.  This could be the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for person.

So What’s this Special?

BOOST! in-office whitening typically costs $550.  We are offering a special price of a single on-hour BOOST! session for only $350, and two separate one-hour BOOST! sessions for $550.

One Session or Two?Before 3

A single session consists of two-three 20-minute applications of the high strength whitening gel.  This is what a “normal” in-office whitening with BOOST! involves.  However, some of our patients have more severe staining that needs a more intense treatment in order to get the whitening After 3results they desire.  This requires

more applications of the whitening gel.  The manufacturer limits us to three 20-minute applications per day, and they also show remarkable whitening results on hard-to-whiten teeth with two separate whitening sessions.

If you’re not sure whether you need one or two sessions, ask Dr. Jill and Dr. Cara.  Their teeth whitening experience enables them to advise you on which will work best for you.

Let’s Do This!

Call our office at 972-347-1145 to purchase a gift certificate for someone or to schedule an in-office teeth whitening visit for yourself!

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