Straighten Your Teeth With Invisalign!

What is Invisalign?


Invisalign is a method of straightening teeth that does not require metal brackets or wires.  It consists of a series of clear plastic aligners (or trays) that are custom made for each individual’s teeth.  Your dentist makes a personalized treatment plan for your orthodontic needs.  This plan is communicated to the AlignTech laboratory, where each aligner is fabricated via CAD/CAM technology.  The aligners are virtually invisible, and it is one of the most esthetic ways to straighten your teeth.

How does it work?

Through the use of its patented design, Invisalign aligners move your teeth through the appropriate placement of controlled force.  Invisalign not only controls the force, but also the timing of the force application.  This means that your dentist can prescribe exact movements for each individual tooth, including which teeth not to move, like implants or teeth that are part of a cemented bridge.  Certain teeth can be held in place while others are being moved.

Why do some people get Invisalign and others get braces?

There are some limitations to the type of tooth movements Invisalign can accomplish, and not every patient is a candidate for straightening their teeth with Invisalign.  An orthodontic evaluation of your teeth is necessary to determine if your goals can be met by using Invisalign.

What is the cost?

For full-length Invisalign treatment, the cost ranges from $4500-6000 depending on the length of treatment.  There are some limited Invisalign options that are used for correcting minor issues that range from $1500-3000.  Our office offers 12-month, no-interest financing upon approval.

Does my dental insurance cover Invisalign?

Many dental insurance companies do provide coverage for Invisalign.  It is claimed as a benefit for Adult Orthodontics and typically ranges from $1500-2500.  To find out if you are covered, you can call your dental insurance company and ask if you have adult orthodontic coverage.  We can also verify any orthodontic benefits you may have when we have your dental insurance information.  Teenagers are often covered under their insurance plan’s orthodontic benefits, up to a certain age limit, which varies depending on your specific insurance plan.

How long will it take to straighten my teeth?

Treatment time varies based on how much movement is required to achieve your goals.  Average treatment time for an adult is around 12-18 months.

How often do I have to see the dentist during treatment?

After treatment has begun, your dentist will typically see you every 6 weeks, which means you will wear 3 sets of aligners between each visit.  Sometimes more frequent appointments are required to monitor the progress of the teeth.

What are the eating and drinking restrictions during Invisalign treatment?

Because aligners can be removed for eating and drinking, there are no restrictions to what you can eat or drink when the aligners are not in your mouth.  You can eat with the aligners in, and the chewing force actually contributes to tooth movement.  It is important that you do not drink anything besides water with the aligners in.  Because the aligners keep your saliva from properly bathing the teeth, any acid or sugar from a beverage could be trapped under the aligners and increase the likelihood of cavities.

Why now?


There is no better time to straighten your teeth than now!  Over time, teeth continue to shift and move, and most problems are aggravated as we age.  Spacing between teeth continues to increase so gaps get noticeably larger.  Crowding on upper and lower front teeth typically gets worse so teeth appear more and more crooked.  Straightening teeth earlier, rather than later, allows for shorter treatment time and more time to enjoy your new, beautiful smile.  Another reason to start now: our May Invisalign event!  From May 9-13, 2016, we are hosting a special Invisalign event, offering 10% off all treatment!  Call the office at (972)347-1145 or see our website Prosper Family Dentistry for details.

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